School Meals Price Update


During the Pandemic, the USDA knew a lot of people found themselves struggling financially.  They did not want school food to be a concern for families, so they passed waivers allowing all students to have free breakfast and lunch.  As things have slowly returned to "normal," congress did not extend those waivers, so we will be transitioning back to regular priced meals. 
We will be using eligibility records from the 20/21 School Year for the first 30 school days of the year. If your child had free or reduced eligibility for that school year, they will only retain that status for 30 school days. That means your child will begin being charged full price for meals beginning Monday September 12th unless they are Direct Certified or a new free/reduced meal application has been received and approved. In addition, accurate free/reduced and full pay statistics are important for State and Federal funds allotted to school districts for a variety of academic programs. Please help us and complete a meal benefits application quickly.
There is no penalty for applying for benefits and being denied, so feel free to make the effort. Either way, you will be notified confidentially of the determination. You do not need to complete an application if you have already been notified by Commerce School Nutrition that your child(ren) are automatically qualified by Direct Certification by the State.
One application per school year is all that is required. Should your financial situation improve during the year, you are not required to submit a new application with updated income or household membership. However, if your situation worsens you are permitted to re-submit a new application at any time.
How to Apply for Free or Reduced Meal Benefits
Fastest, Easiest and most convenient way -complete an online application. On the Commerce City Schools Website:
1.    Click on Parent Portal
2.    Click on “More” at the bottom of the list of options
3.    Click on “Meal Benefits”
4.    Click on “Meal Benefits Application”
5.    Follow the prompts and submit
You will be notified of your eligibility determination.
If you do not have computer access or would feel more comfortable with a hard copy application, you can get a printed application from the front office of your child’s school.
Please contact School Nutrition Director, Rich Friedman, with questions regarding the application process. 
Commerce City Schools 2022-2023 Student Meal Prices
Breakfast (district wide) $1.50
Lunch Primary/Elementary $2.00
Lunch Middle/High $2.50
Reduced price meals $.30(B)  $.40(L) (district wide)
Adults  $1.95 (B)   $3.75 (L)